West Coast Online Morning Meditation

Online Morning Meditation is Mon - Wed - Fri 6:30 am PST

Join us for our Global online event where we all meditate for World Peace together sending love vibrations throughout the world for Shri Mataji's Birthday.

When:  Saturday, March 21st 9 - 10am EST

Who:  Broadcast by the Toronto, Canada Collective

Register:    Facebook – help us track the participants and the countries that are involved.

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Monday - Wed - Fri:  6:30 am PST
Sundays:  EFFORTLESS MEDITATION sessions at 6:30 am PST on alternate Sundays.  

Please note that the "Archive" link above connects you to the UStream web-site that hosts all our recordings.  Archives are not typically ad-free and your audio may be interrupted by advertising.   Unfortunately it costs way too much money to disable ads at this time.  
UStream limits archive storage to 10 GB after which they restrict broadcast bandwidth.  This poses potential issues during live broadcasting.  Due to this, not all recordings are maintained.  You will only have access to about 2 - 3 weeks worth of recordings at a time.  There is no permanent archival mechanism in place for older recordings at this time.  They will be absorbed into the subtle consciousness of the ether :)